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Welcome to my crib 💯

On this here digital home of mine, I am going to share the occasional tech-related rant. Since I wanted to be writer but ended up a developer, this is what I am writing about here.

The goal of sharing my humble views is to demystify as well as simplify a lot that is going on within the software industry. Add to the mix that I want to keep it light and entertain more than I want to educate, while still giving the one or the other thought-provoking impulse to some. Ideally this can do its teeny-weeny part in democratizing and simplifying the industry some. Elitism is so not my thing.

nothing to see here, that’s just me

About me

I’ve been in and out of the software industry for quite a while and I would never consider myself an expert, but I do see things when they happen right in front of me.

I’m a fun guy. Obviously, I enjoy developing and tech to some degree (especially the part about being paid for participating in it). On a personal note, I’m a Sagittarius with a Virgo rising, enjoy crocheting and just LOVE cats!


Go Big or Go Home - The Beauty of the Monolith
·1989 words·10 mins
Architecture Don't Believe the Hype Simple & Smooth
The microservices hype is 4 real, but also completely unjustified. Netflix somehow claims to have pulled it off and suddenly everyone is slaying perfectly good monoliths into tiny pieces just to secure a spot on the bandwagon. But, microservices are out there to hurt you, just wait and see. Meanwhile, monolithic architectures who have always been kind to us have gone out of fashion without any good reason. As Public Enemy said it best: ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’.
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